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Multicultural show promotes diversity

Multicultural show promotes diversity

Jenna Cook

May 4, 2018

Dancing around the stage at this year’s multicultural show, senior Erika Wilson said she chose to participate because of her love for dancing and learning about the culture of others. The multicultural show took place in the auditorium May 1 including a fashion show where...

Annual event highlights Minnesotan traditions

Annual event highlights Minnesotan traditions

Marta Hill and Isabel Kjaer

February 2, 2018

As junior Anika Hanson prepares to attend her tenth Luminary Loppet, she said she looks forward to the lights, excitement and overall vibe of the night. “It's really fun to have the whole lake light up, and it's always a fun night because everyone is excited to be outside, and everyone has a goo...

Junior expresses culture through dance

Alexis Machoka

December 13, 2017

Two years ago, junior Najib Rahl and his friends at St. Maron's Catholic Church decided to join the church’s dance group. Since then, the group has performed many paying gigs including weddings, festivals and parties, according to Rahl. “My church, which is in northeast Minneapolis, is a catholic...

Don’t do away with tradition

Jonah Kupritz

September 5, 2015

Perhaps it’s hard to appreciate being pelted with water balloons or to watch a group of teenage boys twirl around in dresses in a dance that intermittently edges on illicit, but these instances share one valuable commonality: they are traditions. The aforementioned senior prank and senior boys’ danc...

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