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Meet the 2018 Valedictorians

Meet the 2018 Valedictorians

Muna Ali

April 18, 2018

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Annabella Strathman: What college are you planning on going to? “I am going to Carleton College next year in Northfield.” Is there anything you’re interested in studying? “You know, it’s pretty open-ended right now. I’m leaning towards something with chemistry but I’ve a...

Meet the Valedictorians

Meet the Valedictorians

Annabella Strathman and Esther Gendler

June 2, 2017

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Sam Orloff What are your plans for next year? "University of Pennsylvania." How do you feel about leaving high school? “I’m excited, right, to go and go to college and get out of the Twin Cities a little. But it's bittersweet, and I think that’s true for everybody. I’m excited.” How do you feel about being a valedictorian? “Wel...

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