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Vandalism instances increase

According to Principal Scott Meyers, an increase in vandalism leads to more restorative conversations with students who draw graffiti and their families. This piece of graffiti was located in the B1 hallway.

Talia Lissauer, Isabel Kjaer, and Marta Hill

February 7, 2020

Recent graffiti around the school has left teacher Anson Opara and others frustrated with the negative consequences. “There’s just a lot more that’s been occurring lately, I don’t know who’s doing it. It’s just kind of frustrating,” Opara said. “They’ve had to lock down bathrooms beca...

Facility vandalism locks bathrooms

A destroyed sink placed in one of the toilets of the boys' bathroom in the B3 hallway March 28. According to Meyers, the district is working on various other projects, which has slowed the repair process for vandalism in the high school bathrooms.

Dani Orloff and Abby Intveld

April 21, 2019

As sophomore Cal Stokes walks from class to class, he said passing time is not enough time for going to the restroom. “I can end up being late for class and being marked tardy because I have to use the bathroom that’s in a different hallway,” Stokes said. According to Principal Scott Mey...

Staff Editorial: Recent hateful vandalism must not go unseen

Thespians painted the senior wall Nov. 3 to advertise the fall musical

November 15, 2018

St. Louis Park considers itself to be an accepting community. Yet, in the past month, there have been multiple incidents of vandalism driven by hatred at St. Louis Park High School. On Oct. 12, discriminatory graffiti was found on a poster Non-Traditional Academy (NTA) students made with details o...

Fall musical advertisement vandalized

Thespians painted the senior wall Nov. 3 to advertise the fall musical

Abby Intveld and Dani Orloff

November 10, 2018

Seeing the words “so gay” and “boo” spray painted over theater’s advertisement for “9 to 5 the Musical,” senior thespian president Nietzsche Deuel said she was disappointed at the immature vandalization. “It wasn’t just graffiti, it was directed at our show,” Deuel said. “It was i...

Discriminatory statements written on political poster

Vandalism: Posters about the upcoming election NTA teacher Debra Skadden created with her class were recently vandalized. Students of social studies teacher Kara Cisco's class responded by creating posters to counter the discriminatory comments.

Abby Intveld and Dani Orloff

November 4, 2018

When freshman Matthew Montanez heard about the discriminatory graffiti, he said he felt driven to voice his opinion on the matter. “We tried to show that everyone is welcome here, no matter your race, religion, or anything else like that,” Montanez said. “Who ever did that, they shouldn’t ha...

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