Linden Hills Holiday Market encourages people to buy local

Gifts, local foods available for holidays

Amaia Barajas

Sarah Opatz, a vendor at the Linden Hills Holiday Market who sells handmade paper crafts, said she enjoys seeing the people who buy her products and loves to see the reaction to her product.

“It’s good to meet clients and customers. I love their reactions, it’s great to see that they connect with my product and they know the specific person or group that my product goes to,” Opatz said.

Jamie Compton, a healthy dog treat vendor, said the Linden Hills Farmers Market is a great way for people to do their holiday shopping and connect with local businesses.

“I think (The Linden Hills Farmers Market) is really unique. There’s a really awesome mix of vendors and I feel like I do all of my holiday shopping here every winter so kind of the perfect little mall of sorts of all local businesses,” Compton said.

Laurie Golchin, who works for a business called French Nugget, said she loves putting a face to the people that purchase her products.

“We love meeting the people that buy our products, we get to explain what we have and how good it is, it’s just the one on one relationship that makes it fun,” Golchin said.

According to Golchin, buying local food and other products is a good way to support the community.

“I think you should always support local, everything is local, to know who makes it and to know where it comes from makes it more fun,” Golchin said.

Sophomore Abby Intveld said the Linden Hills Holiday Market seems like a place that’s good to shop for the holidays and find special products.

“There seems to be a lot of really cool shops that sell vintage items, clothing and different food which would be really cool to check out. I also heard that they had vegetarian shops and I’m always interested in looking for that, since I’m vegetarian. It’s also nice that it’s a market still open this close to the holidays, so it’d be very easy and nice to find presents for someone there,” said Intveld.

Intveld said the market would interest students because it has vendors and businesses that can appeal to anybody’s interests.

“It’s not just food shops which is what I think would appeal to students because there’s jewelry shops, clothing vendors and places that sell old books and a ton more so really anyone could find something there that they liked,” said Intveld.

The Linden Hills Holiday Market is open from 10 a.m.-3p.m. on Sundays until Dec. 18 at Sunnyside Gardens in Linden Hills.