P!nk swings into the Xcel

Concert brings light to a softer side of singer


Amaia Barajas

If anyone can really get the party started, it’s six-time Grammy nominated singer P!nk. Her Minneapolis concert featured songs from her album “Beautiful Trauma,” and started the night off with a bright pink set design and her swinging from a chandelier on trapeze, belting about being the life of the party. Her signature trapeze moves were accompanied by many backup dancers while she performed her 2001 hit “Get the Party Started.”

For those who aren’t familiar with P!nk’s usual style, she doesn’t shy away from stunts. She’s known for her gravity-defying trapeze and her concert was no exception. From doing Cirque Du Soleil-style trapeze to swinging around the whole arena for the finale, her feet hardly touched the ground. She engaged the audience with her strength and ability to keep on hitting all the notes in her song, even while being upside down from start to finish.

P!nk paired many of her songs with animations and cool backdrops that kept the audience hooked  during transitions so she and her dancers were able to change costume. One of the first shorts she displayed was a claymation called “Revengeland” that she paired with her song “Revenge.” This claymation displayed lovers getting revenge on each other by going to a crazy amusement park filled with dangerous rides. While this animation was a little grotesque it did provide a break in between her songs to lighten the mood. This song was also paired with a verse sung by Eminem, accompanied by a blow-up puppet version of himself.

P!nk shared personal experiences that drew the audience in and made them feel like they were all friends. The most emotional part of the night was when she shared a short about female empowerment, equal rights and fighting for what you believe in, followed by her smash hit “What About Us.” This part of the concert portrayed P!nk’s soft side for people and the passion she has for causes like Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March.

Overall the night was a big success, I have been wanting to see P!nk live for a few years now and she definitely didn’t disappoint. Between her great vocals and unique way of performance, P!nk was able to give the audience a special show they wouldn’t regret going to see. My only complaints are the weird, slightly disgusting video that accompanied her song “Revenge” and I also would’ve liked to hear more of her older music because I felt her new songs are less known.

Overall rating: 9/10