Sever’s is pure corny fun

Corn festival celebrates the beginning of fall


Claire Bargman

Sever’s Corn Festival has been improving and expanding since 1997. This year Sever’s is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, Sept. 7 through Oct. 28.

Claire Bargman

Fall festival creator, Sever Peterson, has been expanding continuously and adding new activities for 21 continuous falls. The festival offers everything from zip lines to pig races with all kinds of fair food to fill you up.   

Staff member Harsh Khavare said he loves the improvements and additions that are continuously made at Sever’s.

“I work here every weekend, and it’s pretty fun. This year they did maze clues for the under the sea theme,” Khavare said.

Countless St. Louis Park students have attended, whether it is a family tradition or just a fun fall activity with friends.

Sophomore Josie Briant said she loved all the different activities and food the festival had, but in order to justify the cost you should see everything the festival has to offer

“I loved seeing all the animals and knowing that fall is coming, the price is reasonable if you stay for around four hours. It’s $15 to get in, but if you only stay for an hour it’s not worth it,” Briant said.

Sophomore Ryan Barnett said he loves Sever’s Corn Festival for cool opportunities, but knows it is still pretty small and doesn’t get much attention.

“If they work on Sever’s getting more publicity and widely known it can expand and get more people,” Barnett said.

Magician Matt Dunn said he has been working at Sever’s Corn Festival for 12 years and feels like a part of the Severs family. Dunn said the festival will always be offering new shows every year to keep the event new and interesting for previous visitors.

“The show does vary, you will always see something different, or maybe we will bring something back from a previous year so there’s always something new and cool to see,” Dunn said.

With many yearly visitors, Sever’s is always expanding and willing to change. It’s a yearly fall activity for families and friends alike. Sever’s Fall Festival is open Friday through Sunday from Sept. 7 to Oct. 28 located at 1100 Canterbury Rd. Shakopee Minnesota.