Temporary market opens for the public

Minneapolis Vintage Market exceeds expectations

Tamar Gewirtz

Though there are many great thrift stores in Minnesota, none quite compare to the Minneapolis Vintage Market. This market is open for a day once a month during the year, housing many different stalls where vendors from all over the country can sell vintage clothing and accessories.

This is an indoor market — making it very convenient for Minnesota weather — that does not disappoint. Upon walking in, there was a noticeable sense of excitement in the air as everyone hurries around to find the greatest deals.

The majority of people who attend are young and wearing the latest styles. Though the market was not heavily publicized, there were tons of people mulling around each stall. At first glance it didn’t look like much, but when I looked closer I could see the impressive array of artifacts people had to offer.

Everything was retro and one of a kind. This may be an issue because of finding the right size of clothes, but there are so many different stalls to find the right size and there are makeshift changing rooms to try clothes on.

The prices were marked down a significant amount. There were Levi’s jeans in all different colors and styles for $30 and luxurious fur coats at one stall for under $100. There were also vintage T-shirts flaunting different 1970s bands for $15 and silk dresses of all different looks for under $100.

There were even some twists on the clothes; for example, some jeans were splatter painted. Others had paint on the back pockets.

However, clothes were not all these stalls have to offer. There was a variety of beautiful vintage jewelry and paintings, such as portraits of famous women. 

The vendors at the market were warm and welcoming, helping to find the right styles and sizes for anyone interested.

Though everything was relatively cheap, I do not recommend going there if you’re not planning on spending much money. Once there, it is irresistible to want to buy anything and everything you see.

The Minneapolis Vintage Market is a must see for thrift shop lovers and anyone who is interested in buying fashionable, retro clothing or artifacts.According to the Minneapolis Vintage Market, this market will next open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 10, at Chowgirls at Solar Arts. For more information, visit mplsvintagemarket.com.

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