Little Mix surprises with new album

‘Confetti’ lives up to expectations

Fair use from Apple Music

Fair use from Apple Music

Gillian Kapinos

As the year starts to slowly close out, new music comes out quickly. With everything jumbled together it’s hard to find good music. “Confetti” by Little Mix is the perfect album for a range of emotions. 

Personally, I’ve been into Little Mix for a while, their music is really good for making you feel confident about yourself and “Confetti” is no exception. It starts off with “Break Up Song,” an upbeat slow song that makes you feel like you’re at the end scene of a romcom and it’s pretty fun. 

The next three songs, “Holiday,” “Sweet Melody” and “Confetti” could be grouped together, as they all have a very club-like beat and make you feel very alive. “Confetti” and “Sweet Melody” are definitely in my top three songs on this album because they just have this immaculate vibe to them. 

The next two songs, “Happiness” and “Not a Pop Song” start off like they’ll be a slow song, but then you get hit with the chorus beat and it makes the song 100 times better. Little Mix knows how to make the song top itself as it progresses and it’s super cool.

The next song, “Nothing But My Feelings” wasn’t as catchy. The track didn’t make me happy and it was very confusing. It starts off like a Christmas song, then there’s a confusing beat drop and it goes into this rap style. I wish they did something more with this song because it could have been a lot better.

I noticed every Little Mix album has that one song that’s a confidence overload and makes you want to just scream. In “Confetti” it’s most definitely “Gloves Up.” From the beginning, you can hear how the track will play out. The chorus is incredible and everything about this song just makes you feel like you’re ready to knock down a brick wall with your bare hands.

Another song in my top three is “A Mess (Happy 4 U).” The beat at the beginning brings so much emotion and the lyrics are so smooth. But the next song  “Rendezvous,” while very vivacious, just doesn’t live up to the other songs on this album. It has almost two choruses, and the beat just doesn’t flow with the rest of the song after the chorus. 

Out of the thirteen tracks on this album, ten songs have replay value. “Rendezvous” and “Nothing But 

My Feelings” don’t. “If You Want My Love” is another song that just misses, as it’s a little better than the two, but still doesn’t live up to the other songs.

The final two songs are the sad and slow ones. “My Love Won’t Let You Down” and “Breathe” are very sad endings to this album, I wish there was a better way they ended it because now I’m left with the sad lyrics rather than the upbeat and happy ones from earlier. 

Overall, this album is incredible. I really love the beats they used in “Confetti” and it made it a lot more mature than their past albums. It made me glad to see how well put together and good this album is.

“Confetti”: ★★★★☆