Cut Through The Noise: Zayn, Morgan Wallen, Kings Of Leon


Illustration by Isaac Wert

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

Welcome to “Cut Through the Noise,” an entertainment column from the St. Louis Park Echo covering new music releases. Every week, a different Echo staffer takes on the role as writer, reviewing recent single releases from a variety of artists.

Zayn – ‘Vibez’ ★★★☆☆

Fair use from RCA Records.

In “Vibez,” the first thing that catches my attention is the crazy amount of layering of vocals in the track. Throughout his career, Zayn has stayed away from layering for the most part, so it surprised me when I first clicked play on this song.The auto tune is really strong and it creates a nice R&B vibe. The auto tune was sometimes distracting to a point where it was hard to focus on the instrumentals. The chorus was great and had a lot of depth with the instrumentals and lyrics. Although I liked the track, it felt pretty generic as the vocals were slowed down and low in certain lines. The track was very refined, and that is evident through the harmony, lyrics, instrumentals and how well they blend together. Overall, Zayn did an awesome job, and the work he put into the track is indisputable.

Morgan Wallen – ‘Wasted On You’ ★★★★☆

Fair use from Big Loud Records.

I rarely listen to country music, so when I heard that Morgan Wallen released “Wasted On You,” I was intrigued. Wallen does an excellent job expressing emotion. The first verse and the pre-chorus builds up that feeling and in the chorus, it shows. The beat drop along with the instrumentals were really powerful. “Wasted On You” is one of those songs that you either listen to once and never again, or on repeat multiple times in a row, and the latter is definitely what I did. The tempo really enhances and puts Wallen’s vocals into the spotlight. I enjoyed the soothing vibe that his vocals produce. The lyrics fit in with the instrumentals and they don’t feel forced. I look forward to listening to more of Wallen’s music.

Kings Of Leon – ‘The Bandit’ ★★★★☆

Fair use from RCA Records.

Right off the bat, I really enjoyed the instrumentals in the intro because it set the tone for how the track would go: energetic and upbeat. The vocals were mediocre, and they could’ve improved by making the vocals louder because the instruments are awesome, but they overpower the vocals. The track has a really zestful aura, and it radiates energy. The chorus is super catchy and makes it all the better. Throughout their previous albums, Kings Of Leon have been on somewhat of a downward spiral, and this track reminds me of the vintage Kings of Leon. Based on what I have seen in “The Bandit,” I am excited for the release of Kings of Leon’s album “When You See Yourself,” which is expected to be released March 5th.