Snowmobiling allows for a fun winter activity

Activity helps relieve stress


Photo Illustration by Abigail Prestholdt

Abigail Prestholdt

As we speed across the lake, I look over to my right to see the ice-fishing community in their ice-fishing houses. To my left, I see parasailers skimming across the snow using snowboards, and as I look forward I feel the wind on my face allowing it to melt all my worries away. 

I had never been snowmobiling my life before this winter. I have had lots of friends and family rave about the joys of it, but I have never had access to one until this year. 

My dad stayed at our cabin in Crosslake this year due to COVID-19 and being able to work remotely. He decided to enjoy his time up there and buy a snowmobile. 

Before I was even able to get on the vehicle, I had to complete the online course and learn about our specific snowmobile. Then I spent time practicing turning, moving and overall getting a feel for the vehicle’s movement. 

The second I got on our snowmobile, I felt its power and durability. These machines are specifically made for the uneven rigid surfaces and withstand the Minnesota winter weather. It was at this moment that I felt free.

My dad and I spent the entirety of the following day riding our new purchase. We traveled to different towns nearby and were able to go ride in gorgeous white covered forests, over frozen lakes and even on the ditches alongside highways. 

With the troubles of COVID-19 as well as the stresses of school, I was able to let all of it go and forget about every worry I have felt this past year. 

It was especially helpful to be outside. It has become difficult to find ways to be outside and enjoy nature when it’s cold, snowy and icy. 

The snowmobile allowed me to spend the weekend outside being in nature and devote time with my family. I am so thankful for the ability to have a shared interest and opportunities like this to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

This is the first time I have spent time outside on a snowmobile, but it definitely will not be my last. I would encourage others to find activities like snowmobiling to spend time outside and be with the ones you love.