Gifts to Brighten up Mother’s Day

Quick, easy, affordable

Tednaisha Satterwhite

Tednaisha Satterwhite

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and maybe you’ve yet to find the perfect gift. To ease any last minute anxieties, I’ve compiled a list of a few last minute gifts for the occasion. This list of ideas to use are not only easy to make but they are also guaranteed to put a smile on your Mother’s face.

Homemade Card

It’s classic and simple. All you need is paper, something to write with and a few words from the heart. You can even let out your inner artist by adding some unique drawings and designs.  Draw a few of your mother’s favorite things, a shared memory or just go with some pretty flowers. Do everything you can to make your card really special.

Paper Flowers

Somehow can’t get ahold on real flowers? Get some paper, grab some glue, then make a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers instead. It can be time consuming but it’s worth it — plus, there are plenty of online tutorials that’ll guide you. As a bonus, there’s no need to water.

Memory board or slideshow

Take a stroll down memory lane with some photos. Find some old photos of your mother or family and make a memory board. Whether you don’t have the materials to make one or just want to do things digitally, a slideshow is a great alternative.

Quality time

Lastly, the best gift of them all — kick back and watch a movie or help with making dinner. Just give your mother your undivided attention. This is an especially great gift if you don’t get to spend time together often.