‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ is a magnificent dumpster fire

Netflix series full of wasted potential


“Jupiter’s Legacy” switches between the present, where a current generation of heroes are struggling to live up to the ideals of the previous generation, and the past, showing how the first generation came to be. Based on the comic book by Mark Miller, this series left me disappointed yet weirdly wanting more.

“Jupiter’s Legacy” showcases many storylines set around its key characters. Most of them are centered in the present — Brandon (Andrew Horton) trying to live up to his father’s legacy or Chloe (Elena Kampouris) attempting to escape from her family’s shadow. There’s one major storyline set in the past, which is what led the first generation of hero’s to their powers. Although the minor storylines were a tad bit predictable, they were still pretty engaging.

The show failed in many places. Starting with fight scenes — there’s no natural flow to them, causing it to be awkward to watch. The costumes are also very displeasing to look at. The acting is subpar, most of the line delivery doesn’t hit the mark. When I’m watching a show, I want to forget that it’s all pretend, and I’m not getting that. I don’t feel a strong bond with the characters, any one of them could disappear and I wouldn’t think twice about it. I don’t think it is fully the actors fault, it’s just the way the writing is.

Despite its many downfalls, the overall story did make me want to finish the show, even though it was confusing at times. A few other things I appreciated were its diverse casting and some of the messages it was putting out. I do believe if there were improvements, I’d be willing to watch another season of this show. 

“Jupiter’s Legacy”: ★★☆☆☆