COVID-19-safe summer activities

Fun activities for all age ranges


Photo illustration by Lauren Thon. Walking on trails is one of many COVID-19-safe summer activities.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

As the school year winds down and summer begins, taking advantage of the nice weather is a must-do this year. COVID-19 regulations are starting to be lifted as more of the population receives vaccinations. 

A fun and COVID-19-safe activity are nature walks. There are dozens of parks and nature reserves in the Twin Cities that are open to the public. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a personal favorite and offers scenic views and walking trails that everyone can enjoy.

Spending time outdoors is another great COVID-19 safe activity. There are many park reserves in the Twin Cities that offer clean and peaceful campgrounds. Baker Park Reserve and Afton State Park are great options that are a short drive away.

While you’re out in nature, an evening activity that can be done at a campsite is stargazing. A small telescope or magnifying device can help, but is optional, especially on clear nights. For beginners, using a star map is a great way to help locate stars and constellations. Apps like “Classic Map Sky 2” and “Night Sky” are straightforward and relatively easy to maneuver around. 

Drive-in movie theaters are a classic way to spend a summer night with either family or friends while maintaining social distance. Drive-in theaters aren’t as popular nowadays, so it’ll probably be a new experience for many people. Vali-Hi Drive-in is a personal favorite that I would recommend.

Holding a garage sale or yard sale is another fun and productive summer activity. By doing so, you’re not only removing and making use of miscellaneous items from your house but also cleaning up as well, which has been essential during the pandemic.

Ensuring safety should be our number one priority as we near the end of the pandemic, but enjoying summer vacation should also be prioritized, as long as current COVID-19 guidelines are adhered to.