‘Who goes there?’ is infectiously fun

Board game based on 1982 movie


Harris Keekley

Photo illustration by Harris Keekley.

Harris Keekley

“Who goes there?” is a unique game based off of a book of the same title written by John Campbell and the 1982 movie “The Thing.”

The premise of who goes there is, players are trapped in Antarctica with a shape-shifting alien that kills and infects people and it is the players main goal to survive all the rounds and escape.

“Who goes there?” is a game about paranoia and I absolutely love it. At the beginning of the game, players are interacting and working together to prevent anyone from becoming infected but as the game progresses, there are more opportunities for people to get infected so collaboration becomes more risky and it adds an awesome element to a game already brutal to just live to the final rounds.

The game plays with the idea that someone is not what they seem is really cool to me. If you are infected, you have to convince people otherwise in order to continue the spread and prevent the players from killing you.

My least favorite aspect about this game is the complexity. I always find myself having to revisit the rulebook or google interactions because there is so much packed into the game. I feel like it could be simplified in a way that makes niche interactions less complicated. Although the game is complex, it still covers everything that it should to make the game complete but I still feel as if it would be better to simplify when you share your infection status to players and how the final round works.

With my only complaint about the game aside, I feel like this is a game that everyone should at least try. At $180 for the entire game, including all expansion characters, you are getting your money’s worth. 


“Who goes there?”: ★★★★★