A new age of teenage influence

Monumental impacts of hit series ‘Euphoria’


Fair use from HBO

Char Priadka

With the release of HBO’s 2nd season of “Euphoria”  Jan.9, adults and teens alike are infatuated with the characters and themes of the show. Since its start, the hit show has sent shock waves through pop culture. 

The second season starts off with a bang, throwing viewers back into the lives of Rue Bennett (Zendaya), Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer) and their peers as they reap the consequences of addiction, infidelity, love and betrayal. These topics are nothing new for “Euphoria,” as it is known for delving into mature themes. “Euphoria” shines above other cheesy teen tv as it shows real world problems in a real world setting.

“Euphoria” has created a space for discussions about divorce, addiction, sex, LGBTQ+ and many more taboo topics. Many teens can relate heavily with the characters, and see that they are not alone. The main character Rue, is relatable for teens struggling with addiction, and Jules’ is relatable for transgender kids. It is important for people to be represented on screen, and “Euphoria” shows a new age of stories and characters. The show has caused these taboo themes to finally be explored and talked about. Generations have an opportunity to connect with each other, as previously hushed experiences can be unpacked. 

Not only has “Euphoria” started conversations, it has also started many new fashion trends, art and makeup. “Euphoria”’s costume and design has continued to be original and bold since its debut. It is no surprise that the beloved show has caused new style trends. Anything from unique geometric patterns to a simple glitter shadow has become all the more popular post release. 

The bright and flashy colors shown repeatedly now have popped up everywhere in young adult fashion. Even the go-to tricolor lighting has left its mark on photography and social media posts. “Euphoria” has inspired many to be more creative and confident in their self-expression, due to the iconic styling of the characters on screen. 

The aesthetics of “Euphoria” have quickly been embedded into current pop culture as it lights a spark in its teen audience. The show has inspired a variety of its young watchers to start new beginnings in self expression, personal style and conversation. “Euphoria” will no doubt be remembered for its influence in entertainment as well as its unshakable mark on Gen z.