Mili releases “Key Ingredient” album

Calming with tones of romance.


Fair use from Saihate Records

Serena Bovee

Artist Mili has released a new album called “Key Ingredient.” The album as a whole is fairly calming and relaxing with a LoFi sound. There are recurring themes in this album that just keep appearing such as the theme of love.

The music does on occasion become atonal, when this happens there is a full reason why it is paired with an aggressive voice and the both combine to show the emotion in the pieces. Speed is an example of this. In this album, speed tends to be the main thing used to create intensity and emotional turmoil. This allows emotions to be shown while keeping the music pleasant.

The songs have been created with much care by the creator. The theme of love changes slightly through the album, for example “From a place of love,” is about improving oneself for love and the song “World.execute(me),” being completely about sacrificing for another person out of love. 

The songs in this album can be seen to have various meanings and not any one interpretation of the songs are correct. I see this as very good for the album as it can reach and be seen very differently by many people.

The album starts out with “A Turtle’s Heart,” and it is about someone being left in a relationship and being on the road of improvement and emotional recovery. The song stays very slow allowing a good entrance as to the general mood shown in the album

“Ga1ahad and Scientific Witchery,” had some of the most intense and violent parts of the entire album. The song occasionally becomes atonal, but generally stays harmonic. It shows how tense it is with speed. It is about change over time between people and how people grow apart. 

The last song is “Chocological,” which is a great ending to this album about love. It deals with a toxic relationship between two people and one person completely destroying and degrading the other person’s life and dreams. The entire album builds up to this moment being generally very positive, but ends with something hard hitting.

The album as a whole has amazing instruments playing and is mixed amazingly, personally the vocal part of the album isn’t as interesting to me, but it still sounds pleasant. The artist definitely knows what they are doing with their music and it sounds pretty.

For this album I give it: ★★★★★