Best bites on prom night

The best restaurants 10 minutes from prom

Fair use from Lus Sandwhiches

Fair use from Lu’s Sandwhiches

Alex Hoag

Even though school dances are fun, almost everyone knows the best part is getting ready and having dinner with your friends. To make your prom experience the best it can be, here are four of some of the best restaurants within a 10 minute drive of the American Swedish Institute.

#1 — Lu’s Sandwiches (two minute drive)

If you are tired of the same old Jimmy John’s sandwich and are wanting to switch it up for prom, then Lu’s is the place to try. They specialize in Banh-Mi (a traditional Vietnamese sandwich) and salad bowls. Their sandwiches are filled with meat or tofu, vegetables and a signature sauce. All of their sandwiches are huge, so you will definitely have leftovers for a delicious post-dance snack. Although I am not much of a sandwich gal, I can confidently say that Lu’s sandwich shop changed my mind. All of the dishes are packed full with flavor and there is not a single bite where you are left bored. If you have a special place in your heart for sandwiches and you haven’t tried Lu’s yet, what are you doing? You will not be disappointed in the slightest.

#2 — Red Cow (seven minute drive)

Next, if you are looking for some classic American specialties,but want a fun twist, then look no further because Red Cow is the place for you. While offering some notorious dishes like the cheeseburger, amazing french fries and some of the best shakes in town, they are also known for some of their more non-traditional burgers. One of these includes their Barcelona Burger which features manchego cheese, prosciutto and a smoked pepper aioli, which makes my mouth water by just reading the description. Another very interesting and seemingly popular burger is their Breakfast Burger, which as you have probably guessed, features all sorts of popular breakfast items. The burger, drumroll please, includes two patties, peanut butter, over-easy egg, bacon, aged cheddar and sourdough. This is definitely not for everyone and may take a few years off your life, but if you’re feeling adventurous then go ahead and try some Red Cow specialties!

#3 — Rinata (six minute drive)

Now, if you have ever had pasta and thought “wow, how can anything be better than this?” Well, it can. Meet Rinata, a small uptown restaurant featuring a wide variety of pastas, pizzas, salads and any other Italian dishes you may think of. They hand-make their pasta in house and seem to spend every second perfecting your dish. Not only is this my favorite Italian food in Minneapolis, but it is also the most beautiful restaurant you will ever walk into. As soon as you step inside, you are immersed with the scent of fresh bread and gorgeous candlelight. It seems like you just stepped into a bustling 1920s New York City restaurant, every wall is covered with vintage artwork and glistening candle stands. I have come to this location on a variety of occasions and I can confidently say that this is some of the best food I have ever had. By far their best item on the menu is the bucatini. The noodles are thick while still sticking to all of the sauce that is tossed into the dish. It is made with a tomato sauce and thrown with pancetta and chili flakes. It might sound basic, but it is beyond delicious. If you are looking to eat some of the best food in Minneapolis while also being in a Pinterest worthy space, then Rinata is perfect for you!

#4 — Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza (two minute drive)

Black sheep offers a large variety of thin crust pizzas, ranging from your basic cheese to a meat covered pie. If you aren’t a huge fan of pizza however, they also offer some basic salads and a small range of skewers. You may be thinking “how is this place any different than all of the other pizza places in Minneapolis?” Well first of all, the ambiance inside both of their locations is airy, modern and offers lots of space for large groups. Not only is the location lovely, but so is the pizza. It is beyond flavorful, while still offering fresh ingredients. While there, I ate a margherita pizza with some of the most delicious basil I have ever had. Black Sheep is by far the best pizza place you will find that is still close to the venue.