Cut Through The Noise: Brown Eyed Girls, Doja Cat, bbno$


Illustration by Isaac Wert

Riyan Said, Writer

Welcome to “Cut Through the Noise,” an entertainment column from the St. Louis Park Echo covering new music releases. Every week, a different Echo staffer takes on the role as writer, reviewing recent single releases from a variety of artists.

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Sorrow’ ★★★★☆

Fair use from Kakao M Corp: Album cover for “Re_Vive” by Brown Eyed Girls.

The most recent album the ballad and R&B group Brown Eyed Girls has released since 2015, RE_vive, doesn’t disappoint. The song “Sorrow”, is a pop ballad song with Latin themes. It speaks of their sorrows and what the group has overcome. It’s an upbeat song, and can easily appeal to anyone. I was caught off guard with the choice of piano instrumental, however, it improved the song. So far “Sorrow” is my favorite on the album. The chorus is melodic and catchy. 


Doja Cat ‘Shine’ ★★★☆☆

Fair use from Kemosabe Records: Album cover for “Hot Pink” by Doja Cat

Doja’s album “Hot Pink” includes a multitude of songs. “Shine” is hip hop, however, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear the song itself, based on Doja’s past songs I wouldn’t have thought for the lyrics to be as bright as they were. and It’s colorful yet slow and picks up at points in the song and grabs your attention. It’s an uplifting song speaking on the beauty of women, and was one I was impressed with, but because of the tone, it wasn’t the kind of song I would personally listen to.


bbno$ ‘pop song’ ★★★☆☆

Fair use from BBNO$: Album cover for “i don’t care at all” by bbno$

As the title says, its genre is pop, which is fast paced, which makes it easy to catch each lyric. bbno$ is known for unconventional songs and his minimalistic stylizing. This song is straightforward. He talks about how others mention the fame he’s gotten, however he seems to find himself indifferent with that fame. It’s an interesting song because of the uncanny lyrics and tone, that I would recommend to anyone looking for something refreshing, simple and new. I gave it three stars mainly because of his monotone voice throughout the song, though I do like his aesthetic.