Cut Through The Noise: Brent Faiyaz ft. Tyler, The Creator, Victoria Monét & Cardi B


Illustration by Isaac Wert

Elena Ortiz-Fishman

Welcome to “Cut Through the Noise,” an entertainment column from the St. Louis Park Echo covering new music releases. Every week, a different Echo staffer takes on the role as writer, reviewing recent single releases from a variety of artists.

‘Gravity’ — Brent Faiyaz & DJ Dahi (feat. Tyler, The Creator) ★★★★★

Fair use from Lost Kids.

There is something soothing about this song. Mixing together pop and R&B, Brent Faiyaz finally featured Tyler, The Creator on one of his songs. This is one of my favorite collaborations of the two, and I love how they fit together. “Gravity” was such a relaxing track, but not to the point where the song would drag or get boring. What made it a masterpiece to me was how purposeful each element of the song was — you can tell how much thought was put into each lyrical and musical decision. Nothing was accidental or added just to make the song flashier. Additionally, the production was top-tier, evidence of how much effort the two artists put into this creation. They are such hardworking, inspiring individuals and it really showed in the track. Throughout the song, the backing vocals created such a nice ambiance, and Tyler’s additions flowed in seamlessly. I will have this song playing on repeat for the next week. 

‘F.U.C.K’ — Victoria Monét ★★★★☆

Fair use from Tribe Records.

Victoria Monét is such a versatile and beautiful singer. Each of her songs are effortlessly fueled by her clever lyricism and smooth R&B vocals. Following her recent album “JAGUAR,” released last August, this new song is a lot more low-key and mellow. Monét’s music is so interesting because there are so many levels to her songwriting and creativity — her lyrics, fun and playful, juxtaposed with the soulful tone of the track, making it so much more interesting and catchy. She sings about intimacy and love, whilst rhapsodizing about the allure of being carefree and having fun. Monét has become known for her empowering music and this song stayed true to her colors, each line conveying her teasing attitude. Frustratingly, by the middle of the track, it starts to lose substance and it gets a little boring, however, it was still enjoyable. I will always stand by this: Victoria Monét’s discography only gets better by the day. 

‘UP’ — Cardi B ★★★☆☆

Fair use from Atlantic Recording Corporation.

Cardi B’s newest single, “UP,” was disastrously funny. Her lyrics are so out of pocket, you literally can’t stop listening. This song had an enthusiastic and different approach compared to her latest hit “WAP.” I enjoyed how she moved on to explore different themes, instead of getting stuck only singing about one thing, like she and many other artists have done in the past. I honestly would do anything to take a glimpse into her mind while writing this song, I just think she is so creative. Her lyrics are always really interesting and hilarious, and this song did not disappoint in that regard. But, the song’s catchiness borders on becoming obnoxious, and I found the main chorus to be uninspiring and dry. Besides that, Cardi’s startling confidence and lively beat were delivered in her usual fashion.