Cut Through The Noise: Ashe, HAIM, Sigrid


Modesty Manion

Welcome to “Cut Through the Noise,” an entertainment column from the St. Louis Park Echo covering new music releases. Every week, a different Echo staffer takes on the role of writer, reviewing recent single releases from a variety of artists.


Ashe – ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ ★★★★★

Ashe made her name with the 2020 TikTok viral song “Moral of the Story.” Going from a deeply emotional song about her ex-husband to her new song, “Another Man’s Jeans,” an upbeat 70’s style pop song is a big leap — but Ashe pulls it off seamlessly. There is a similarity between the two songs; they were both promoted through TikTok. Ashe first teased the chorus of “Another Man’s Jeans” in mid-December in a video asking her followers if she should release it. Since then, the song has been used in over 3,000 videos awaiting the release.

A grueling three months later, the song and accompanying music video are out, and Ashe fans are loving it. Ashe confessed on Instagram that the video was originally filmed in Mexico, but after returning to the United States she was informed that the footage was unusable. She claimed she had to fly back to Mexico and reshoot the entire video take-for-take. The product, premiered on Youtube, was a fun, colorful visualization of an equally vibrant song.

“Another Man’s Jeans” talks about temporarily getting back together with an ex and being in the moment. The single exudes a feeling of being carefree and confident. The melody is extremely catchy, with a funky bassline that pairs nicely with a 70’s sounding guitar riff. The song utilizes various instruments and sounds, such as a güiro, xylophone and the sound of an actual pair of jeans being ripped. The percussion, background vocals and horn section, however, are what really bring the song together and make it stand out. 

The ending of the song is a bit weird, with a slowed clip of guitar and Ashe’s vocals that quite literally ends the song on a bad note. Despite the unnatural conclusion, “Another Man’s Jeans” is an enjoyable song that is easy to listen to and even easier to get stuck in your head. Avid listeners of Harry Styles would definitely enjoy this single, as it’s melody is reminiscent of Styles’ songs “Carolina” and “Canyon Moon.” Overall, this track was 100% worth the wait.


HAIM – ‘Lost Track’ ★★★★☆

HAIM is a group made up of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim. Known for combining the sounds of pop, rock and folk, the band stays on brand with their new single, “Lost Track.” Initially, I thought this song was named ‘lost track’ because it hadn’t made it on to their 2021 album, “Women in Music Pt. III.” After listening, however, I discovered it’s title is representative of the feeling of losing track of one’s sense of self when involved in a toxic relationship. Haim’s cryptic yet beautifully written lyrics are paired with effortless vocals and harmonies that exude passion and brilliance. These aspects made this song deeply reminiscent of a Joni Mitchell track, but with a modern twist. The song consists only of vocals, a cyclical wind chime, a clapping rhythm and stand-up bass. 

Interestingly enough, the song is paired with a music video directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker John Paul Anderson. All three sisters, as well as their parents, were featured in Anderson’s new blockbuster “Licorice Pizza.” Because of this, the music video for “Lost Track” was presented before one of the first showings of the movie. The video shows Alana Haim becoming restless in the middle of a 1950s country-club beauty pageant. Anderson obviously took some creative liberties here, considering the contents of the video and the subject matter of the song are completely different. And yet, the two fit nicely together. Overall, “Lost Track” is an expressive song with a simplistic melody that makes it an easy and insightful listen. Joni Mitchell, Lorde and Taylor Swift fans will appreciate this song.



Sigrid – ‘It Gets Dark’ ★★★★★

Sigrid is a Norwegian artist who makes alternative pop music. Singing in English, Sigrid has had five songs on the UK Top 75s charts. Her new single, “It Gets Dark,” is debatably her best work yet. The song includes imagery of going to space and leaving the earth behind. Similarly to Ashe’s single, “It Gets Dark” was heavily anticipated on TikTok. In one of her videos, Sigrid said of “It Gets Dark,” “It’s my favorite song I’ve written in my entire life.” The new single talks about abandoning her former self and embracing the new version of herself. Far more metaphorical than most of her other work, the lyrics of “It Gets Dark” are evocative of “Rocket Man” by Elton John. However, the track is exactly what you’d expect from Sigrid – heavy bass, an energetic electronic melody, lots of violin, an intense beat and uplifting lyrics with a chorus that you can scream at the top of your lungs. The addition of mysterious sounding guitar and piano give both the beginning and end of the song an eerie feeling. It’s a truly moving track, and listeners can tell how much passion Sigrid put into the writing and overall production. Her singing abilities are unmatched, and her unique Norwegian accent creates an unforgettable sound. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sigrid said that “It Gets Dark” will set the tone for her sophomore album, “How To Let Go,” coming May 6. Fans of Dua Lipa, MARINA and Griff will love “It Gets Dark.”