‘You’ leads viewers on thrilling ride of emotions

Netflix original follows twisted love story


Fair use from Netflix

Maddie Schutte

After watching the newest Netflix original TV show, “You,” blow up across social media platforms, I decided to give it try. Within seconds of hearing Penn Badgley’s creepy — but endearing — voice narrating the first scene, I was hooked.

Growing up watching dark and twisted dramas, like “Pretty Little Liars,” gave me an extra critical eye going in, but the show immediately exceeded my standards. Right off the bat you hear the main character Joe Goldberg’s (Penn Badgley) obsessive thought process as he becomes infatuated with Beck (Elizabeth Lail), a girl who stumbled into his bookstore.

Following their first encounter, Joe uses her social media accounts to find out more information about her and begins his unhealthy obsession. Soon enough the two become a couple, making me want to reach through the screen to tell Beck to stay far away.

The ups and downs of their relationship throughout the series make you scared for Beck’s life at some points, and rooting for them to make it at others, which contradicted my feelings left and right.

I applaud Penn Badgley’s spot on creepiness, as it added an exciting layer to the show. His voice-over scenes often left me with chills and had me checking my own blinds to make sure I don’t have a stalker of my own. Shay Mitchell, who played Peach, was another standout actor in the series. Her ability to switch from being the caring best friend to successfully becoming an antagonist took me by surprise in the best way. Both actors blew me away with their ability to play their two-faced narratives.

Despite the short-winded season of 10 episodes, Netflix managed to pack in every plot twist they could pull out of thin air. This was not the show you could ever find yourself nodding off to. I often found myself literally on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next big thing to happen.

Some scenes got to be a little overdone, but that is inevitable with any thriller series.

Not only did “You” spark my interest within seconds of the pilot episode, but it kept me hooked until the very last episode. Although the season proceeds to end on a wildly frustrating cliffhanger, I’m left eagerly waiting for season two.


“You:” ★★★★★