Beyoncé releases ‘Homecoming’

Live album and movie inspire fans

Fair use from Parkwood Entertainment.

Fair use from Parkwood Entertainment.

Emma Yarger

Lights up on Queen B. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has now revolutionized her concert experience by making it more accessible to her fans.

It came as a total surprise to the Beyhive — Beyoncé’s tried-and-true fanbase — when she announced the release of “Homecoming” both as a live album and Netflix film just two weeks before it dropped. Both offer a new look into her classic works and include short interludes to inspire audiences.

No, she didn’t actually release any new music, but “Homecoming” gives fans a chance to witness her in action in a revolutionary way. The movie provides close up shots of Beyoncé taking control of the stage and her whole band of dancers and musicians going to work.

This concert culminates all of Beyoncé’s talent and progress throughout the years. Old favorites like “Partition” and “Diva” still slap; they motivate listeners to get up and dance, especially when you can dance with Beyoncé and all her backup dancers right on your own Netflix account.

Many songs include audience participation or alternative melodies that are usually exclusively heard at concerts. For example she beautifully blends “Sorry” with “Me, Myself and I,” then masterfully mixes in sections of “Kitty Kat.”

She also highlights quotes from black trailblazers — W. E. B. Du Bois, Nina Simone, Toni Morrison, Reginald Lewis and Audre Lorde — all of whom highlight the importance of black artists and black unity. The movie also includes clips from several historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Every element of the concert intentionally portrays black brilliance down to the costumes that display ‘BAK,’ which stands for ‘Beyoncé Alpha Knowles.’

Beyoncé is the first black female to headline at Coachella. The movie includes live footage from this concert as well as interludes of a more intimate rehearsal process.

Beyoncé celebrates the talented artists she works with through her rehearsal and concert process. Instead of putting on a flower crown, in “Homecoming” she said she wanted to showcase her culture at Coachella.

“I wanted a black orchestra. I wanted the steppers. I needed the vocalists because I wanted different characters. I didn’t want us all doing the same thing. And the amount of swag is just limitless,” Beyoncé said. “It’s just gorgeous, and it makes me proud.”

People of all races need to see this film. It uplifts black beauty and black power in a way that is rare in today’s media. Black people should watch this film to be reaffirmed of their strength and ability that society continually puts down. White people need to watch this film to educate themselves on the world outside of their limited bubbles and recognize black talent.

“Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé:” ★★★★★

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