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‘Mixed-ish’ reactions to new television show

Fair use from ABC

Fair use from ABC

Tamar Gewirtz

In a spinoff of hit television show “Black-ish,” the new TV series “Mixed-ish” tells the story of Rainbow “Bow” Johnson (Arica Himmel) growing up in a mixed-race family. It tells her story in a way that is both satirical and touching to viewers. 

The show begins with Bow telling her children the story of her childhood. She grew up in a cult where life

 was pleasant and everything was shared with everyone. Life was simple and everyone got along. When the cult is shut down by the government due to violations, Bow is given a rude awakening.

The way in which this plays out is both humorous and easy to follow. Bow lives in a new home with objects and ideas she had never imagined before, including indoor plumbing and television.

Bow must also now go to public school, where she doesn’t understand the environment or the people. Other students make fun of her for being “mixed”; she isn’t even told that being of mixed-race is a thing. Her parents are at a loss as how to explain it to their young children.

Unlike “Black-ish” and “Grown-ish,” “Mixed-ish” focuses on one character: Rainbow Johnson. It shows the dynamic relationships with her siblings and her grandpa, who is portrayed as caring, but a little crazy. It shows the interactions within the loving family and the lessons they learn each day in this new world.

The acting is also very convincing. The way the characters are portrayed makes the viewer feel as though they know the character. 

While the plot isn’t exactly intriguing, the backstory is interesting and funny enough to keep viewers engaged. There are minimal surprises and I would not recommend this to someone looking for an attention-grabbing show. It is, however, fun and entertaining to watch. 

“Mixed-ish” had mixed reactions because of how it compared to “Black-ish.” As fun as “Mixed-ish” may be, it does not compare to the original “Black-ish.” “Black-ish” was hilarious in its nature and none of its spinoffs (including “Grown-ish”) are quite comparable. The variety in plots and characters made “Black-ish” especially enjoyable, and “Mixed-ish” just does not have that same flare.

“Mixed-ish,” however, could appeal to all ages. While it could teach good life lessons to a young child, it also, like “Black-ish,” has ageless humor. 

“Mixed-ish”: ★★★★☆

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