‘Nancy Drew’ proves entertaining for fans and newcomers alike

First season of CW series introduces diverse cast, supernatural elements


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Svea Bleske

As a longtime fan of the “Nancy Drew” mysteries, I was excited when I found out CW was making a series based off the books. The series follows Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann), a college student who is thrown into a murder case when the wife of a famous businessman is found dead in a diner parking lot. With the help of her friends, Nancy works to uncover the reason for her death, revealing more secrets and a ghostly presence along the way.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this show was the casting. Seeing a diverse cast with Asian and Black lead actors in George (Leah Lewis) and Ned (Tunji Kasim) was a pleasant surprise, as both characters are white in the books. Both George and Ned brought a new element to the show, and it was nice to see multiple races represented. Additionally, McMann’s portrayal of Nancy is curious and likeable, and it was enjoyable being able to hear her thought process through inserted voice-overs. 

The show incorporated a supernatural aspect is phenomenally, as over the course of several episodes, there are ghosts and curses being thrown at Nancy. What I repeatedly noticed was that while the supernatural plays a significant role in the plot, it doesn’t become the most important part. It manages to play a pivotal role throughout the season but in no way is it overwhelming or distracting to Nancy. I find myself getting annoyed if a mystery show eventually revolves entirely around the ghost or the curse, but this was not the case. 

CW does a good job with drawing out the answers to lingering questions, and by the end of the season no one knows who to trust. In the very last episode, there are several curveballs thrown at the viewer. While I admit I was confused about some of the reveals, I was generally satisfied with the information the show gave me. I also recognize that not every plot point was resolved, leaving me with time to think and process and come up with my own theories. It’s almost as though you have to be your own Nancy Drew, and while that was sometimes frustrating I found it to be very unique.

Overall, I was satisfied with the first season. Most times, a show or movie will not reach me nearly as much as the source material. However, I found myself hooked almost immediately. If Nancy and her friends come back for a second season, I will definitely be looking forward to watching it.


“Nancy Drew”: ★★★★☆