‘Changes’ captures Justin Bieber’s life brilliantly

Album proves heartfelt, unforgettable

Isra Mohamed

Fair use from Def Jams Recordings.

When I found out that Justin Bieber announced the date for his new album “Changes,” I was super excited. I hadn’t listened to Bieber in a long time and was curious to see how his music had changed over the years.

“Changes” consists of 17 songs, with six of them featuring multiple artists who all worked together to contribute to making the song. Overall, this album really took the time to go deeper into Bieber’s life, as he worked to learn from his mistakes and reflect on getting married.

The first single that was released from the album, “Yummy,” didn’t live up to my expectations as I thought it would have. The song seemed like it was written last minute, and didn’t seem to have much thought put into it. It is a very catchy song, however, which makes up for it. Bieber sings over a groovy, up-beat track that makes the chorus very easy to remember and sing along to.

The best song on this album would have to be “All Around Me,” as Bieber sings over a slow background expressing his love for his wife, Hailey Bieber. This song is slower, and Bieber seemingly put his heart into writing this song, which is why I find it to be the best.

“Second Emotion” featuring Travis Scott has an upbeat infectious tune, as Scott uses his killer rapping skills to blend in with Bieber’s singing. The two artists work together to deliver a song that is very hype with an upbeat track.

 Although the two artists have different singing styles, they came together to create the perfect duo as they put out this song, which really impressed me. “Forever,” which features Post Malone and Clever, also talks about Bieber wanting to be with his wife forever. Malone’s low voice goes perfectly with Bieber’s high pitched vocals to create a calm, yet upbeat song.

Overall, the album really changed my view on Bieber after listening to it. It showed me how he matured and is working to better his life. The artists that he collaborated with also suited him really well because they were able to match the way he sings. At the end of the day, “Changes” lived up to my standard. For those wanting to listen to the album, I would recommend “All Around Me,” “Intentions” ft. Quavo and “That’s What Love Is.” “Changes” is available on iTunes for purchase and on Spotify for streaming. 

“Changes”: ★★★★☆