‘Call of the Wild’ does not disappoint

Movie breathes life into hundred-year-old book


Fair use from Twentieth Century Studios. Main characters of ‘Call of the Wild’ John Thornton (Harrison Ford) and Buck look off into the distance of the Canadian Yukon. The movie takes place in the Canadian Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896.

As I walked into the theater, my expectations were pretty low for “Call Of The Wild”. However, I left with my expectations shattered.

The movie was an adaptation of Jack London’s book and joins two other adaptations from 1935 and 1972. The story revolves around Buck, a massive Saint Bernard Scottish Shepherd mix who was forced against his will to the Yukon to serve as a sled dog, which is in high demand because of the 1896 Klondike gold rush. In the movie, Buck seems to struggle with a sense of belonging in his new environment. Bucks interactions with the many masters he has throughout the movie showcase his sense of belonging, until he meets John Thornton (Harrison Ford). Thornton and Buck form a special relationship, which follows them throughout the movie; although Buck does not speak in the movie, his emotions are narrated by Harrison Ford for the first part of the movie.

My favorite part of the movie was the relationship that develops between Buck and Thornton. The bond that develops is one that fills both the needs of Buck, who is looking for a master that understands his will to run wild and free, and gives John an escape from his sorrows. Although at the end of the movie I thought I understood John and Buck’s relationship, I am still realizing how deep their relationship went.

One of my favorite aspects of the movie was the scenery and the wonderfully done CGI. Throughout the movie, the audience is enchanted by the beautiful scenery of the Yukon, which helps add to the storyline and dramatic effect and helps showcase the vast size of the untouched nature that separates Buck from his old domesticated life. The most important CGI use was for the animation of Buck. Whenever the main character of a movie is CGI, it is really important that the CGI is done well and made so there is no impairment on the viewer’s interpretation of the movie. Overall in this movie, Buck looked extremely realistic and the CGI enhanced the movie and made the scenes more dramatic with spectacular views. 

Although the movie was harshly rated by critics, I completely disagree with their opinions. This movie is one that both pulls on the heart strings and celebrates the joy of life that we get to experience with each other.

“Call of the Wild”: ★★★★☆