‘The Last Dance’ proves great basketball is timeless

Chicago Bulls dynasty makes for emotional docuseries


Fair use from ESPN. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls goes up for a layup against James Edwards and Bill Laimbeer of the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons eliminated Jordan and the Bulls from the playoffs three seasons in a row before Jordan captured his first title.

Noah Orloff

With the NBA and other professional sports leagues out of play because of COVID-19, I turned to “The Last Dance” to satisfy my hunger for sports.

After Bulls coach Phil Jackson was told by general manager Jerry Krause that his days in Chicago were coming to an end, the team prepared for their last dance — the quest for championship number six. Rather than just focusing on the 1997–1998 season, the docuseries displayed each championship leading up to their run at six. “The Last Dance” uses recent interviews, behind the scenes footage and in-game video to show what the Bulls, led by arguably the best basketball player of all time Michael Jordan, were like. Despite being such a dominant dynasty, “The Last Dance” shows how the Bulls went through many hardships as well.

“The Last Dance” did an outstanding job showing the backstory of all important players involved in the Bulls’ titles runs, including interviews with opposing players in addition to team members. From Dennis Rodman’s personal adventures to Michael Jordan’s techniques for motivation, “The Last Dance” illuminates some very entertaining stories. All in all, the show had a nice mix of emotion and comedy.

Going into watching “The Last Dance,” I had a fair amount of background knowledge and was still able to enjoy every moment of it. I encourage everyone, including people who are not huge sports fans, to watch an episode or two just to see if you like it. Some of the drama between players makes it comparable to a reality TV show for basketball, which requires no previous sports expertise. A viewer also does not need to be a Bulls fan to appreciate the great storyline — I am in no way a Chicago sports fan and still really enjoyed the docuseries.

Ten episodes filled with basketball drama was a perfect way to relieve my boredom. I have watched multiple sports-related documentaries and this was by far the best one, leaving me speechless at the end. I would not change a thing about “The Last Dance.”

“The Last Dance:” ★★★★★