“Work It” is the newest binge Worthy movie on Netflix

Film teaches important life lesson


Fair use from Netflix.

Nora Hall

Like everybody else in quarantine, I’ve gone through a lot of movies on Netflix. When I stumbled upon “Work It,” it caught my attention and did not disappoint. 

The movie is about 18- year old Quinn Ackermans (Sabrina Carpenter) dream of getting into Duke university. During her interview, she lays out all her hard work of getting good grades and volunteer work, but her resumé looks ordinary.  Trying to impress the interviewer,  she embellishes her resumé saying she is on her school’s championship-winning dance team, the Thunderbirds. To keep up the lie, she enlists help from her best friend Jas (Liza Koshey) to help her make the team.  After getting cut from the Thunderbirds, Quinn convinces Jas to start their own team. Quinn and Jas get dancers, including the help from Jake Taylor (Jordan Fisher), a professional dancer and choreographer to try and help them win the Work It competition.

The entire cast did an amazing job with their characters, but I loved Sabrina Carpenter’s performance of Quinn the most. In the beginning, all Quinn cared about was getting into Duke. But, by the end of the movie, she realized in her life Duke was not the most important thing. 

I loved how the movie showed the importance of having goals. Quinn wanted to get into Duke, Jas wanted to get into NYU and Julliard (Keiynan Lonsdale) coincidentally wanted to go to Julliard. I also admired how the movie showed that sometimes your dreams and goals can change and people have to adapt. 

I loved how the choreography didn’t take over the plot of the movie while adding to the narrative. In many dance films, the choreography is excessive and doesn’t add to the story.

I recommend this movie if you are bored staying at home. It’s a great movie to watch when you have free time.

“Work It”: ★★★☆☆