‘Quarto’ provides fun for all ages

Two-player strategy game retains simplicity


Photo illustration by Sam Listiak.

Sam Listiak

“Quarto” is a fun strategy game that is somewhere between tic-tac-toe and chess with its own unique twist. The board is a 4×4 grid and the goal is to make a row of four pieces that share at least one thing in common. 

There are 16 total pieces, and eight of them share one trait, while the other eight share another. For example, eight of the pieces have little holes on top, while the other eight are smooth. This pattern repeats for tall and short, circle and square and black and white. This means that in addition to matching four pieces of the same color like tic-tac-toe, you can also make a row of pieces that are circle-shaped. When making rows, you are free to use pieces your opponent has already played on the board, as long as you are the one to complete the row. 

What sets “Quarto” apart from other games is that your opponent gets to pick what piece you play each move, which makes the strategy totally different. I play chess a lot for fun and I was expecting it to be similar, but the simple change of having the other player pick your piece each move adds a whole new level to the game without making it complicated. 

“Quarto” is very easy to learn and play. I have had some very fun experiences playing with family. I think it is very entertaining for anyone who enjoys strategy games like chess. Games also go very fast, usually only taking about 10 minutes. I would prefer if the game was scaled up to more resemble chess, but the game is very fun and I found myself playing with my family for hours on end. 

I am a fan of Quarto because it is very easy to pick up and understand and I would recommend it to anyone 6 years old or older. It’s a game you can quickly teach to your friends, siblings, or parents and start having fun games right away. Quarto is my go-to game to play with visiting extended family and is a hidden gem of a board game.

“Quarto”: ★★★★★