‘Live’ serves as voice for the unspeakable

Book guides teenagers through obstacles


Fair use from Simon and Schuster Publishing.

Lilly Strathman

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, youth is faced with the escalation and dramatization of common problems. With this pandemic being a constant underlying concern mixed with regular issues, “Live,” an autobiography written by Sadie Robertson, feels like a breath of fresh air that simultaneously helps find peace and guidance involving personal struggles. 

“Live” explores the varying life lessons of the “Duck Dynasty,” and “ Dancing with the Stars” star, Sadie Robertson, a motivational speaker who has experienced a life filled with tragedies, celebrations and faith. She speaks of problems that are hard to vocalize or admit, which helped me as a young reader, feel more comfortable having certain similar experiences to Robertson. 

Not only did she acknowledge difficult experiences people go through in life, but she also provided advice and the lessons she gathered out of those situations which encouraged me to use them to improve my lifestyle. One of these lessons was her idea to apply the word “celebrate” to every situation in life. This helped her become more grateful for the simple things in life, which is a lesson many need to learn. Now I think about this word in random moments, and it helps me stay positive throughout the crazy year. 

Throughout the book, Robertson always encourages love over hate. She shows that there are alternative ways to address difficult people and situations full of hate by being kind and forgiving. This is a very relevant issue that needs to be worked through in society, it feels like everyone turns to gossip and cruel words instead of love because it’s easier to give hate nowadays behind screens. I admire the way she went about teaching how to be kind, even when it’s hard. She used her faith as her motivation, sharing certain scriptures and quotes that reminded her to love her enemies. 

Robertson’s faith is what inspires her to do motivating books because to her, it’s God’s calling. This book approaches Christianity in a modern, open way that is encouraging for anyone who is trying to reconnect back with their religion and beliefs. She speaks out of her heart in a way that reflects her love for God, which inspires the readers to want to do the same. A lot of people use excuses like “being too busy” to connect to their faith, but this book serves as the voice for motivating people to get back to it, without any excuses.  

“Live”: ★★★★★