Tim Tebow, Nathan Whitaker captivate readers

‘Through My Eyes’ goes in-depth on former NFL player’s life

Fair use from HarperCollinsPublishers.

Fair use from HarperCollinsPublishers.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

After reading former Heisman trophy winner and National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tim Tebow’s book “Through My Eyes,” co-authored by author Nathan Whitaker, I felt inspired and motivated to reach my current goals.  

The book begins detailing Tebow’s early life, from playing baseball at his family’s farm to eventually playing Pop Warner football in Jacksonville. Tebow’s adolescence was heavily connected to his love for sports. 

Tebow recalls his days in youth football and the struggle he experienced in being forced to play different positions due to his physical build instead of being a quarterback — the position that was made for him. Due to this, Tebow’s playstyle became heavily run-oriented instead of the traditional pass-first quarterback.

Tebow and his four siblings grew up on a farm, and Tebow said that this experience at a young age gave him the resilience and perseverance to play football professionally.

Another important aspect of his upbringing was his commitment to his faith. Even at a young age, Tebow remembers the strong connections his whole family had to their faith. From attending church every Sunday to going on mission trips to the Philippines, Tebow’s faith has helped him persevere through thick and thin.

During Tebow’s time at Nease High School, he credits coach Craig Howard in pushing him and guiding him to become a better all-around player. Having a strong support system can help elevate a player’s game, and coach Howard did just that during Tebow’s time at Nease. 

Later on, Tebow reminisces on the legendary 2008 Florida Gators team that won the national championship. A distinct moment that encapsulated how talented the Gators were at the time was the iconic jump pass Tebow made against LSU.

The book ends off with Tebow finishing off his senior season at the University of Florida and the next step in his athletic career — the NFL.

Something that I saw inspiring was Tebow’s utmost dedication to his faith. He believed and gave his everything and even while times were tough, he still took it upon himself to commit himself to his faith.

Even though Tebow’s NFL career was somewhat underwhelming, it served as a reminder to how competitive and talented the NFL is, as if a former Heisman Trophy winner struggled in the league, the chances of the average players making the league is out of the question.

Overall, “Through My Eyes” is a classic success story and I would recommend it to anyone who would like inspiration or encouragement.

“Through My Eyes”: ★★★★☆