‘Who Killed Sara?’ is unfulfilling

Series is mediocre as a mystery


Fair use from Netflix.

Lilly Strathman

After seeing the tv show series “Who Killed Sara?” appearing on Netflix, I was immediately fascinated. However, the murder mystery’s predictable plot didn’t live up to its expectations. 

The series is centered around Alex (Manolo Cardona) who was sent to jail, although he claimed his innocence, for the murder of his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid). The show is shot in flashbacks and present-day moments as he is released from jail and tries to figure out who actually killed Sara. 

While beginning the 10 episode series, the first couple of episodes were very slow. It was hard to stay engaged in the series when all the plot was moving along at a boring pace. Not only is the storyline unhurried, but it also is super repetitive which makes it more challenging to want to continue to watch the series. Each episode is the exact same thing, making the plot super predictable. 

Although there are many plot twists throughout the series, they are still very predictable which makes the suspenseful aspects of a thriller completely disappear. When watching a haunting series, I look for surprises and scares. When watching “Who Killed Sara?” I was underwhelmed in both areas. This was extremely disappointing because the plot sounded incredibly interesting before watching. 

To add to the lack of excitement the show provides, when covering super deep topics, the acting was subpar. The series opens with the death of someone, and the character’s reactions to the traumatic event were laughable. The acting from this thriller literally turned the show into a comedy.

“Who Killed Sara?” did not fulfill any requirements for an entertaining thriller. Every part of the show was lackluster which created the utmost disappointment. Though substantial mystery plots are hard to create, this one was extremely predictable and boring to watch.

“Who killed Sara?”: ★☆☆☆☆