‘Shadow and Bone’ is phenomenal

A fantasy show worth watching


Fair use from Netflix

Maria Perez Barriga

With the show trending on the top 10 list on Netflix and an intriguing plot, I was excited to watch “Shadow and Bone.” With only a day of binge-watching the whole 8-episode series, I was left stunned and amazed. 

The show is based on a young-adult fantasy adventure novel of the same name, “Shadow and Bone.” It follows a young female soldier, Alina Starkov (Jessi Mei Li), living on the other side of a dark barrier that holds human-eating creatures on the inside. The barrier separates the country into two. Starkov is unaware that she has a power that could help unite the country into one again. But there is an evil force which could stop her from achieving that goal.

The whole series has everything I like about fantasy shows; it contains a lot of action and interesting powers. Although it is very serious at times, there are moments which I thought were really funny. Especially from a group of people in the show known as the “Six of Crows.” They had some moments among each other in which they would be playful and some sarcasm. It was nice to see the tight bond among the group when they make jokes at each other. 

Among the group is the leader known as Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter), who is an intellectual and mysterious character. The actor who played his role did an amazing job bringing justice to the character, as he portrayed him well. The directing of all the scenes and actors went really well together, and it felt as if the worlds really did exist and the actors gave depth to the characters they are playing such as Oretsev and Inej Ghafa (Amita Suman).

The show also gives some insight into the background of some people such as General Kirgian (Ben Barnes). Although he’s not my favorite character in terms of him being evil, it was interesting to see why he turned out to be the way he is as a villain. It was nice to see how and why people became the way they are on the show. It added more depth into the characters. 

Although the show was excellent, I wish there was more time spent on why people who are Shu, which is known that there is a Shu Han nation, are hated so much and more on the history of Starkov parents. Having more insight into that specific aspect of the series would’ve helped me understand specific characters, like Starkov, Brekker and Oretsev, a lot better.

The Netflix show “Shadow and Bone” is an exciting show to watch and I recommend those who are into the fantasy genre to watch it.  

“Shadow and Bone”: ★★★★☆