McCartney album explores new styles

Beatles legend puts spin on previous album


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Sam Listiak

Former Beatles member Paul McCartney released “McCartney III: Reimagined,” his first album since 2020’s “McCartney III,” on April 16, 2021. This album is an expansion on his previous album and offers new takes on each song.

I haven’t listened to McCartney at all outside of his songs with The Beatles and his well-known Christmas carol, “Wonderful Christmastime.” However, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the songs this album had to offer.

Though the album is not my usual style of music, I really liked a few of its tracks. “The Kiss Of Venus” was my favorite because of its upbeat, happy nature. McCartney’s guitar playing also paired very well with the singing.

However, there were a few bad apples as well. “Deep Down” was one of my least favorites. It kept repeating the same phrases over and over, and even though it started slow and sped up, it felt really shallow and was overall just boring.

An interesting theme about the album is how every song on it has a feature. The original “McCartney III” had no features, but for this album, McCartney decided to add new artists onto each song. This makes some songs a lot better than their previous iterations, such as “Seize the Day,” but also downgrades some songs, such as “Deep Down.”

“McCartney III: Reimagined” doesn’t really follow a general theme — each song being its own unique experience. This was very interesting for me, as I am used to albums where you have a general understanding of each track before listening to it.

“McCartney III: Reimagined” is a decent album to listen to. However, the album is a big step in the creative direction, as it shows McCartney experimenting with his sound. I would suggest this album to rock fans, as the songs are very diverse, so you will likely find at least one track you like.

“McCartney III: Reimagined”: ★★★☆☆