‘KHALED KHALED’ better than expected

Khaled proves skill as rapper, DJ


Fair use from Epic Records.

Sam Listiak

Rapper DJ Khaled released the album “KHALED KHALED,” his first album in two years, April 30. This is the 12th album released by the already-established musician.

I do not listen to DJ Khaled, however, I do listen to some rap music. Some of his many features on the album were other highly praised rappers such as Drake and Lil Baby.

There were a few standout songs on the album. “EVERY CHANCE I GET” was my personal favorite. I like the fast-paced nature of the song and the beat paired well with the lyrics. Both Lil Baby and Lil Durk’s parts on the song were very good and matched the high energy — it made the song very exciting to listen to.

The album also had some lackluster songs, though. “BODY IN MOTION” was my least favorite because it sounded a lot more like a pop song than a rap song. There was a lot of singing, which I didn’t like. In contrast to the upbeat, exciting nature of the previous song, “BODY IN MOTION” was relatively slow, which made it unsatisfying to listen to. It didn’t really fit well at all with the other tracks on the album and was just not my type of music.

The album’s songs don’t really follow the same theme, as there are many featured artists who tend to sing about many different things. However, most of the songs are similar in tempo and sound somewhat similar, which could be due to some artists being featured multiple times.

“KHALED KHALED” is a very good album, and the many features really elevate the album. This confirmed Khaled’s skill as a rapper and as a producer. I would suggest this album to anyone who likes listening to rap music.