Sweet new addition at Texa-Tonka

Angel Food Bakery offers wide variety of treats

Abby Bartleson

As summer winds down and the school year starts up again, good coffee is a staple for me. Luckily, Angel Food Bakery and Coffee Bar opened up Sept. 24, at Texa-Tonka. 

Texa-Tonka is this bakery’s brand new home, previously in downtown Minneapolis. Known for its fancy cupcakes and doughnuts, this location is slowly working on incorporating more and more sweet treats from its downtown location. 

I got to Angel Food at around 11:30 a.m. and the second I pulled into the parking lot, I immediately saw a line. Walking into the bakery, a line wrapped all throughout the store to the back. It was packed with a lively crowd waiting their turn to pick out sweets.

While in line, an employee went around and told everyone that they have officially run out of ingredients, even with Costco runs, so what they have right now is it. 

Fortunately, there was still plenty of coffee. Folly Coffee is featured in the bakery, espresso, tea, cold press and kombucha are just some of the drinks offered. They even sell a coffee hot sauce which my dad was ecstatic about trying. 

After standing in line for 25 minutes, friendly staff greeted me and helped pick out doughnuts. Not only are there doughnuts but a wide variety of other foods like cookies, cupcakes, pretzels and muffins. I decided to try three different kinds of doughnuts and an iced latte. 

Sitting down and actually eating was a great experience as well. The environment is very inviting, it’s filled with so much natural light and staff are there to help if you need anything. There’s a counter facing the kitchen where you can watch the sweets being made, and there is a nice outdoor seating area that connects to Revival. Harry Styles played over the speakers so that was a plus. The color scheme remains similar to the old location, black and white with splashes of bright colors. 

Now the actual food is incredible. Although a lot of doughnut flavors were sold out, there were still so many funky flavors to try. I stuck with a chocolate theme that included a sprinkle, chocolate iced raised doughnut, a caramel, chocolate and coconut doughnut and a Cocoa Pebbles doughnut. The doughnuts are very fluffy and have a good flavor. 

My favorite out of all the doughnuts was the Cocoa Pebbles doughnut because of the crunch that the cereal on top makes when you eat it. The coffee is smooth and doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste, so it went very well with the doughnuts. I recommend getting an iced oat milk latte. 

Overall, I think Angel Food Bakery is such a great new addition to Texa-Tonka, by the line I stood in and the fact that they ran out of ingredients tells me others agree as well. Angel Food Bakery is open 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday but closed Tuesday and Wednesday.