Battle for the ‘batter’ pancake

Echo staffer tries: IHOP pancake flavors


March 1 is IHOP’s National Pancake Day. To honor all the batter made, pancakes devoured, and dirty dishes Echo staffers are trying pancakes.

Blueberry pancakes:★★★☆☆

Blueberry pancakes are a staple in any mom’s kitchen, meant to provide a healthy alternative to chocolate chip pancakes. But, these pancakes fell flat. The blueberries did nothing to help break up the pancake texture, or add to the pancake, and the usually refreshing fruit quickly became overwhelming. The berry juice gushes everywhere, providing an unappealing experience. The mushy texture of the blueberries didn’t mix with the fluffy pancake, providing a confusing textural experience. Overall, while the blueberries taste good, they failed to improve the pancake eating experience.

Buttermilk pancakes:★★★☆☆

It’s the classic, what you first think of when you make a pancake, it has everything you would hope for, but my experience wasn’t quite like that. When I first sunk my teeth in to take the first bite, it tasted like something you would get out of a McDonalds happy meal. The first couple of bites taste like heaven, as you continue to chew, you realize that there are no underlying flavors; it tasted a little bland. With all that being said, it wasn’t an utter disappointment, which is why i’m giving it three stars. I found myself going back for seconds and even thirds, with the right amount of syrup and butter on top; I wouldn’t be surprised if this pancake took a high spot. Banana pancakes:★★☆☆☆

I was skeptical when I heard the recipe for this pancake no flour,  sugar or milk? But it did not entirely disappoint. The pancake was sweet, and the cinnamon added the kick of flavor that it needed. The only unpleasant part was the texture  it was strangely chewy, and in one bite, I found a spot of unmixed yogurt. A typical pancake would not put me through that kind of emotional damage. 

Sprinkle pancakes:★★★☆☆

Sprinkle pancakes beg the question: what if food was fun? It’s no question adding color to your plate is exciting, but is it tasty? I found the sprinkles drew away from the simple pleasure of the buttermilk recipe and dried out the pancake as a whole. Nevertheless, it made me feel like a kid again to dig into the colorful cake, and it was an experience I fully recommend.

Pumpkin pancakes: ★★★★☆

These pumpkin pancakes may as well be a time machine to fall. With hints of cinnamon, these pancakes have a well-rounded and unique taste. Unlike normal buttermilk pancakes, you won’t find yourself with little bits of dry pancake left on your plate once you’re finished. The flavor is like no other it’s a noticeable difference without becoming overbearing, allowing you to eat more than one of these. Unfortunately, a pumpkin pancake can become monotone without adding toppings or variations, which is why I have it four stars. With a little bit of syrup and some simple toppings, there’s no doubt this pancake could soar to the top of this list.

Chocolate Chip pancakes: ★★★★★

Like a soft, warm cloud, this Chocolate Chip pancake is only something you can see in your dreams. As the Chocolate chips hit the surface of the hot pancake, there was no instant regret. The contrast between the chocolate chips and the pancake just hit the spot, like sweet and savory, all wrapped up in one. I would recommend this pancake to any first-timer; it is the perfect introduction to the art of pancakes.