Tii Cup brings boba closer to Park

New bubble tea store opens up in Knollwood


Abby Bartleson

Iced chai and iced peach green tea boba from Tii Cup. Tii Cup opened March 16 at Knollwood.

Abby Bartleson

With very few boba restaurants in Park, I was very excited to try Tii Cup. Located at Knollwood Mall, it was a short drive from where I live. Tii Cup’s menu offers an array of bubble teas and Taiwanese street food which I could not wait to try. 

Even though the interior was not completely decorated, the environment still felt very welcoming. A mix of earthy wood floors, white tile backsplash and splashes of green on the walls as well as plants scattered around the store, was a good start to the decor.

On the Tii Cup website, it is advertised as having a dine-in option, but there weren’t tables to sit down and enjoy the food and drinks. Regardless, I was greeted by kind employees and a big menu to choose from. 

After a quick wait for my drink, I received it and was pleasantly surprised by its size considering the price. I ordered a medium for around $5 and it was a lot bigger than what I would’ve paid at other stores. Prices are a bit lower for what you receive than somewhere else, which was a good change. 

I ordered a golden milk tea with tapioca pearls, which is advertised as a blend of black tea and shaken with a non-dairy cream. The tapioca pearls were soft and chewy, and the tea was very smooth and was not overpoweringly sweet. I also tried the Thai tea, which was delicious and sweeter than the golden milk tea. With flavors ranging from creme brulee tea to dragonfruit icees, there was a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Tii Cup is definitely a place I would like to come back and try again. Since their menu offers so many different foods and drinks, I have so many I’d like to try: bubble waffles, jasmine milk tea, spicy popcorn chicken and so many other drinks, food and sweets.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Tii Cup. The pricing was great and the employees are very helpful, especially if you don’t know what you’d like. The only thing that would elevate this experience is adding dine-in tables so customers can sit down and enjoy their food. 


Tii Cup- ★★★★★