Morbius excites few

Lack of innovation makes plot fall flat


Fair use from Sony Pictures

Luca Aimo

“Morbius” is the new movie Marvel came out April 1 about scientist Michael Morbius, who suffers from a rare disease which makes him weak and forbids him from living a normal life.

After mixing  human DNA with a bat’s, Morbius becomes stronger than ever, becoming a vampire and killing people. For the duration of the movie, he will have to control its powers and deal with the consequences of its actions.

“Morbius” is definitely different from the usual superhero movie, replacing the humorous scenes we got used to with darker characters and some violent scenes we wouldn’t expect in a Marvel movie. 

The film all in all is nothing special at all, because of its lack of depth and banality.

Although the plot could seem interesting, with some similarities to “The Amazing Spiderman”, it’s a story already seen, definitely not nearly as good, with plot holes almost everywhere and easily predictable.

From the beginning you can get a gauge on everything that is going to happen.

Jared Joseph Leto as the protagonist was a good choice and fits perfectly in the role, as does Adria Arjona Torres as Martin Bancroft, the scientist Michael is in love with, and Matt Smith as Milo, Morbius’ best friend he grew up with and who’s great at interpreting a sick man. The acting is not bad, and with the special effects, it’s one of the aspects where this movie gives it’s best. However characters aren’t developed, making them superficial and useful only for the purpose of moving the plot forward.

“Morbius” lasts about an hour and 45 minutes, which would be  good timing if the plot was actually proceeding, while it feels like a beginning with a sudden ending. All of this makes it a film under Marvel’s standards and typical high-quality films.

Getting to know the characters better, a deeper analysis of their personalities, a stronger reason for the enemy and a story less predictable could have improved the movie.

However the open ending suggests a possible Morbius 2 or some sort of continuation of the story, with some good plot twists, even though the response of the public does not suggest it and could limit Morbius to a marginal role in future films.

A lot of potential wasted in an empty movie, which wasn’t is not as good as what it could have been. “Morbius” could still be enjoyable if you lower your expectations, but with this production, we’re not dealing with anything amazing.