Future’s “I Never Liked You” is successful, but…

New album lacks depth, creativity


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Luca Aimo

After a week from the release April 29 of his new album “I Never Liked You,” Future has  multiple tracks that have already received more than two million views on Youtube and 16 million plays on Spotify. After listening to it, it makes sense why he’s on the top in Australia, first on the Aria Chart and last month, has been defined by GQ as “The Best Rapper Alive.”

The whole album is 49 minutes long, with 16 songs which is an appropriate amount of time per each one. It’s a high quality production, that sounds genuine, has a lot of exciting features and it’s probably what his fans were expecting from him. However it’s nothing mind-blowing, nothing we hadn’t heard before and not that innovative or revolutionary.

The typical themes used in  the trap scene, but actually quite varied, and some of the lyrics are just way better than others because of their complexity, rhymes and sounds. This album is a hymn to hedonism and a portrait of the difficulties and pleasures of the life of those who come from nothing without adding any particular contribution to what is usually said.

The album  is a great work, and Future’s flow is what makes it so good, but it’s one hundred percent just a regular rap album that doesn’t implement a lot of innovation. The same good old stuff that could have been released one or two years ago, by any one of the many popular rappers.

The bits are not bad at all, but for sure nothing too impressive or memorable. “KEEP IT BURNIN” is maybe the only song that is worth to emerge from these high standards but formulaic pieces; a lot of other songs like “WAIT FOR U” or “THE WAY THINGS GOING” could be appreciated, but are not masterpieces. Honestly they all sound very similar — no doubt they are pleasant, but original is not the description that best fits them.

You should listen to the album, because it’s totally worth it, but from the “Best Rapper Alive,” we would expect a more innovative one, with all memorable masterpieces and unfortunately, that’s not the case.