Sweet new treats for summer

Angel Food, Frio Frio serve a variety of fun flavors


Nina Miller

Angel Food offers fun flavored popsicles for summer. They have partnered with Frio Frio for this collaboration.

Nina Miller

As the weather is getting warmer and it is getting closer to summer, the want for new, fun, frozen treats is a must. Thankfully, the new Angel Food Bakery and Coffee Bar has recently opened their own frozen treat extension that consists of shaved ice cream, an assortment of flavors of snow cones and a beautiful variety of colorful popsicles. 

Angel Food has a very uplifting atmosphere, once you get to the back of it it looks like there’s an additional store. They call that area “Frio Frio,” and that’s where they keep their frozen treats. I came here with two other friends so we could get to try more popsicle flavors. When visiting the area, customers can see all the popsicles, along with many toppings that you could put on them as well. 

We saw so many fun flavors to choose from, such as the pinata, chocolate, avocado lime and raspberry. They also had an assortment of toppings and sauces you could get on top like chocolate sauce, caramel, sprinkles, oreo crumble and fruit. I decided to choose the chocolate and add chocolate sauce and strawberries. The popsicle was plain but after adding my toppings of choice it added lots of flavor and made it look more fun. 

After getting our deserts, we took advantage of the outdoor seating. Taking our first bites, mine was delicious especially with the added strawberries and sprinkles. I liked the mix of the strawberries and chocolate. My friends described theirs as explosions of tasty flavors. Each of our popsicles were unique and they were the perfect treat on a hot day. 

The overall experience at Angel Food is definitely worth it for the delectable desserts. I enjoyed being able to “make your own” popsicle with being able to add toppings of your choice. I’d say the atmosphere was very welcoming and inviting and the prices were rather reasonable. This store has so much to offer with it being a bakery while also having ice cream and other frozen treats. I would definitely recommend coming here and I will surely be coming back.

Angel Food + Frio Frio: ★★★★★