New platformer from the Warner Company released

Beta has many people playing.

Fair use from Warner Gaming

Fair use from Warner Gaming

Serena Bovee

In November 2021, a new platform fighter named Multiversus was announced to the gaming community being developed by the Warner company. There have been numerous betas from November to now. There have been many games that have been released in this game with one notable example being Super Smash Brothers.

In the genre this game is in, the goal is to knock your opponent off the stage several times for this defeat. Players achieve this goal by attacking their opponents with a variety of moves that increase their knock back percentage. The higher your opponents percentage the farther they are knocked back off the stage.

This game also has a unique roster of characters from numerous recognizable shows that are used for this game. Some include Tom and Jerry, Batman, and Velma from Scooby Doo. While the selection is not quite as large as Super Smash Brothers, which boasts 89 characters, the selection is still growing larger with new characters being added.

There are several things this game has done in their betas to make their game unique compared to other games in the genre. One such thing is the fact that this game heavily prioritizes teamwork and groups, because of this the game requires not only individual skill like normal. This game also requires the ability to work with mistakes made by your ally and how to keep calm.

This game is also quite floaty, but in a good way. Each character has multiple variations of coming back to the stage with multiple jumps and many movement abilities. The gameplay encouraged is heavily based in edge guarding which is where the player heads off stage to ensure the other player doesn’t make it back on to stage. 

The movement in the game feels very fluid and nice to play. While the game may be too floaty for some, it felt just right to me. Each of the characters were unique and sported the ability to hold their own. Once again, the real meat of the game is in two players versus another two players. Sometimes that can make the game not as fun as the player is relying on more than your skill, but also someone else, however that is entirely negated by the fact of how much fun it is to hit a really cool combo with the other player.

The game as a whole is very strong and intuitive for the casual player. There are some negative things, such as the large number of  unique characters. This isn’t very good for newer players as there is too much choice for the player. The game isn’t out yet and there is no current planned release date, but the next open beta is in July 2022. The specifics haven’t been fully released as of yet, but it is only roughly a month away.

“Multiversus”: ★★★★★