Twelve Carat Toothace’ gives opening to artists life

Post Malone reflects on struggles and sorrows.

Fair use from UMG recordings.

Fair use from UMG recordings.

Lex Lee

“Twelve Carat Toothace” by Post Malone dropped after a three year long wait June 3, 2022. The hit artist Post Malone’s goal of this album was to give you an open look at his personal life and struggles. 

“Twelve Carat Toothace” is surprisingly only his fourth album but he says it’s his favorite yet. Post Malone’s album was delayed due to the Republic Records and his label for unspecified reasons. But now it is released on all streaming services with features from, The Weeknd, Roddy Ricch, Doja cat, The Kid Laroi, Fleet Foxes and Gunna.

One of the most popular songs on the new album “Insane” has a start of  Post Malone talking about his life and women, this song is good with its lyrics mostly being able to bring its listeners in, and sing the lyrics with him.

“Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol(Fleet Foxes)” reflects on Post Malone being an alcoholic, singing lyrics about how he always goes back to alcohol in his sorrows of the world. Malone speaks in a way that shows he hates alcohol but always comes back. I feel Post Malone wants to express his feelings to others struggles through his songs.

The song “Wasting Angles” talks about Post Malone and The Kid Laroi lifes and the way it was before the fame. Post Malone and The Kid Laroi express their feelings in this song even singing together throughout the song with the lyrics repeating. 

Although “Twelve Carat Toothace” was a great, and high album there are some lows with the song “Waiting for a miracle”. It’s a really sad and depressing song of Post Malone speaking from the bottom of his heart, I feel like this song impacted the album but most people would forget about the song and not listen to it due to its lyrics and beat.

“I Like You(A Happier Song)(with Doja Cat)” is a happy song about his feelings of needing a girl to be true with him and spend time doing anything. Doja Cat comes in around 1 min and 30 seconds, impacting the song with her lyrics matching the flow and beat putting heat on the track. I feel like this would be a great song  to listen to in the summer.

For now “Twelve Carat Toothace” may be Post Malone final album for a while. Of course Post Malone will have singles and features but this could be his final album for now until the next one comes out. All of these songs relate with Post Malone speaking his feelings from the heart, which I appreciated.

 Rating,“Tweleve Caraot Toothace”: ★★★★☆

Highlights: “I like you” “Waiting for angles” “Wrapped around your finger”