The perfect blend: Parks best cafes

Six reliable coffee shops for studying students 


Anya Panday

I, like many people, get bored studying in one spot for 165 days a year. To find a little variety, I bounce around local coffee shops to find better spots to study in. Over the past year, I’ve frequented many cafes around Park, but a few in particular have claimed my heart. In no order, here are the best coffee shops for studying students in St. Louis Park.

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar 

Out of all the coffee shops on this list, Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar is the most accessible, being only 1.5 miles away from the high school. One of Angel Food’s many perks is being nearby, but be warned  — there’s a high chance that you may see fellow students behind the counter. With an open layout, readily available seating and a plethora of unique food and beverage options, Angel Food has everything you could need to endure a long study session. Angel Food consistently provides a clean and quiet environment, where you can study without fear of large distractions. Angel Food is the best option if you don’t feel like driving more than five minutes for a new study spot.

Spyhouse Coffee

If you go about 4.5 miles uptown from Park you’ll find the quaint and unassuming Spyhouse Coffee. With a relatively simple but satisfying menu, Spyhouse is sure to offer consistent and high-quality coffee shop classics. The calm and rustic atmosphere inside, paired with the comfortable abundance of seating options, is sure to take stress off any last-minute study sessions. Spyhouse stays open later than most local coffee shops, allowing patrons to stay until 10 p.m. regularly. The bakery features a variety of croissants and other pastries, and the menu offers oat, soy and almond milk substitutions to make any drink dairy free. If you’re looking for a unique cafe with the best chai around, Spyhouse is the place to go.

Uncommon Grounds

For a cute vintage vibe, head about four miles from Park to Uncommon Grounds, a coffee shop that looks like it walked straight out of a vintage movie and also claims to have the best chai in town. With outdoor and indoor seating, Uncommon Grounds embraces all sides of Minnesota’s weather spectrum, and grants patrons lots of variety. Since they offer multiple tables meant only to sit one to two people, you don’t have to worry that you’re taking up a spot meant for a large group of people. Though this coffee shop features a smaller menu, none of its drinks disappoint. With a categorized menu, ultra-unique vibe and cozy seating area, Uncommon Grounds may just be the perfect place to cram for a big test.

Five Watt Coffee

Five Watt Coffee is more modern compared to the rest of the cafes on this list, but it’s certainly unique. Sitting 4.8 miles away from Park, Five Watt Coffee has some of my favorite drink options of all time. With a wide variety of options, Five Watt Coffee provides unique and homemade coffee blends along with all of the typical coffee shop classics. With a to-go fridge and a live music station, Five Watt Coffee is sure to keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed during your study sessions. Not to mention the convenient Amazon locker, for any packages you need to collect or return. I have never seen Five Watt Coffee 100% full, so you can always count on there being an open spot for your next studying session.

Depot Coffee House

4.5 miles away from Park lies The Depot, a small local coffee shop that has had my heart for many years. With mainly outdoor seating, The Depot is perfect for warmer days  — though it does have limited indoor seating for the colder parts of the school year. With predictable and relatively average prices, you’ll never have to fear not knowing how much money you’re about to spend on coffee. With a cozy and small vibe, The Depot offers a place of comfort for students. The menu is largely coffee dominated, but the tea and miscellaneous beverages offered never fail to disappoint. Overall, The Depot is a place of consistency in a world of change.


Four miles away from Park, Munkabeans may just have the largest menu on this list. With a variety of tea-based, coffee-based and random drinks, there’s no way you can leave Munkabeans thirsty. Not to mention the variety of bakery items, sandwiches and ice cream available year-round. With a wide array of seating options including couches, stools and an assortment of chairs, Munkabeans has a comfortable spot for every kind of studier. Munkabeans also offers cute mugs you can use to reduce your waste while dining, allowing you to feel a little more at home. Munkabeans has such a cute and comfortable environment, and it always smells like coffee beans and the cute soap that’s for sale. If you’re looking for a place that screams “local indie coffee shop in every teenage movie,” then Munkabeans is your perfect fit.