‘Finally Rich (Complete Edition)’ falls flat

Chief Keef disappoints with mediocre album release

Fair use from Interscope Records

Fair use from Interscope Records

Cece Jensen

Chief Keef recently released the completed version of his previously successful album, “Finally Rich.” This new album, officially named “Finally Rich (Complete Edition)” contained 12 old songs from the previous album and 10 brand new ones. 

There weren’t any specific songs in this album that really stood out to me, as quite a few of them sound fairly similar. I was not particularly impressed with this album but some of the songs that grabbed my attention include “Citgo,” “Kush With Them Beans” and “Love Sosa.”

To start, “Citgo” is a painfully mediocre song. The lyrics are not very original and they lack creativity. Chief Keef’s rapping, in this song specifically, sounds like a mumbling mess. This song, however, is very mellow for its genre and had a calm feeling to it. I enjoyed that it was more chill than his usual music. The background instrumentals are very subtle yet noticeable and add a unique feel to the song. They manage to slow the song down in order to be noticed. While I did not love this song, I would recommend it to anyone who is a big Chief Keef fan. 

Another song that I noticed is “Kush With Them Beans.” The unique title grabbed my attention as I was hoping to find its correlation to the song. This song starts out with an intro that resembles any run of the mill theme song of a children’s show. This later evolved into an electric/EDM background instrumental. This song definitely felt happier than the rest of the album. It came with a lighthearted feel and slightly lifted my spirits. This song was my favorite from the album, but I still did not love it enough to add it to any of my playlists. 

Last up is Chief Keef’s most famous song, “Love Sosa.” This was one of the many re-released songs of the album and is a classic of his. It is very catchy and I would describe it as a party song. It would be very easy to dance to in a party setting but it is definitely not show stopping. I have heard this song quite a few times, so perhaps I am just getting sick of it. 

In conclusion, I would say that this album as a whole is just okay. I don’t think that I will ever go back and listen to one of these songs again but that is not to say that someone else won’t like it. This album may tickle someone’s fancy, but I am not the biggest fan of rap in the first place. I would really only recommend it to anyone who was previously a Chief Keef fan.

“Finally Rich (Completed Edition):” ★★☆☆☆