Temptation mini-album

TXT’s comeback for the start of 2023

Fair use from Genius

Fair use from Genius

Nafisa Kahin

Together X Tomorrow (TXT) has come out with another fantastic album, “Temptation.” The album came out Friday, Jan. 27 and is already at three million streams worldwide. There’s been small leaks of the album all over social media — songs like “Sugar Rush Ride” and “Tinnitus.” Overall, the album has a total of five songs and only one of them, “Happy Fools” has a featured artist (Coi Leray).

The first song of the album is “Devil By The Window” and this song is entirely in English. The lyrics tells a story of someone running away from a friend that will betray them, “Go rest your eyes. Just fall asleep, sweet dreams. You can’t get off the ride. A wolf in sheep clothes. His disguise.Based on those lyrics, it seemed like they were trying to warn someone that they have a fake friend. I loved how they spoke English through the entire song, plus how the music gives 2017 vibes.

Another song that has been getting a lot of attention is “Sugar Rush Ride” which already has a music video out for it. The choreography and the lyrics are truly matched with the music video and the song itself. I believe the main idea of the music video and lyrics are about how falling in love can affect you and also about how much you want to receive from the relationship. I love how the music goes from a poppy to a serious vibe and the whistling caught me off guard.

Their most played song in the whole album is “Tinnitus.” Since it’s been getting a lot of attention, many fans have been comparing the music with afrobeats. The song has such a catchy tune and the way the voices and the music overlap with each other is honestly majestic. This song has such a moving vibe to it — like you want to get up from your seat and dance. It talks about how they’ve always wanted to be a rockstar but then their dreams got crushed, “My dream that used to shine bright, has been cut off a long time ago, waiting every second I just want to become a rock …”

The only song with a featured artist is “Happy Fools” with Coi Leray. I can’t lie, the beginning of the song before the lyrics is so similar to elevator music but in a good way. “Happy Fools” has such a poppy vibe and comes from rappers and a K-pop group. They have matched with the music and vocals on point as well.

The song with the most emotion to it is none other than “Farewell Neverland.” I simply can’t get over the angelic voices of each member. The meaning behind this song is how they’ve finally left their neverland and are saying their farewells, “This is no home. Even if I’m afraid, I’m going down. Goodbye, Neverland, my love.” These are such heavy lyrics with a big meaning behind it. The lyricism of the song works well to communicate the deep meaning of this song to the listener, and it helps make the song feel more relatable. It’s such a powerful tune and has a strong meaning behind it.

“Temptation” is a magnificent album because the theme of each song is absolutely unreal. Even though “Temptation” contains only five songs, each and every song has its own meaning and story to it.