Around 50 students participate in blood drive

Student council celebrates success


Kailey Delozier

Student council adviser Sarah Lindenberg gives blood in the old gym on Sept. 28.

Sydney Hall and Alec Pittman

Senior class president Megan Aune said she feels proud her fellow students were able to save lives at the Student Council-run blood drive Sept. 28.

“I think it’s a great way for kids our age to give back to the community, and to feel like they’ve saved a life for just giving up an hour of their time,” Aune said.

Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said the fall blood drive yielded around 50 student participants.

“I’d say about 50 or so students volunteered,” Lindenberg said. “We had only a few no-shows and a bunch of walk-ins, so that was good.

Junior Ben Romain said he felt a little jittery before giving blood.

“I felt really nervous and anxious at first but once they put the needle in I felt better,” Romain said. “I felt really good knowing I was helping someone else.”

According to Lindenberg, the blood drive took place in the old gym at the high school run by Memorial Blood Center.

“It’s a nice way that students can give back to the community without having to go offsite,” Lindenberg said.

Lindenberg said the lack of volunteers at the center has led Student Council to increase the number of blood drives per year.

“We’ve always done blood drives for quite a few years,” Lindenberg said. “We started doing four a year instead of three because we know the donation centers are pretty low on volunteers.”

According to Romain, helping in the blood drive represents a far greater benefit to others than the temporary physical costs to himself.

“I physically felt light-headed afterwards and I began to sweat,” Romain said. “However, emotionally I felt great. Donating blood helps people all around the world which I think is great.”

Lindenberg said the blood drives take place over the course of the school year.

“We have a fall blood drive, a winter one, one around Snodaze and one in May,” Lindenberg said.

According to Aune, the benefits of giving blood outweigh the fear some students may have.

“Even though it may seem scary, take a few breaths and know that it will help someone in need,” Aune said.

According to Aune, the next blood drive will take place sometime in December.