Special Education Department celebrates winning the Socktober drive

Dedication leads to success

Special Education Department teacher Christine Tvrdik helped students in her class purchase socks on Amazon to prepare them for the Socktober drive.

Tvrdik said her class will celebrate the Socktober drive Dec. 20 with Miriam Edgar’s third period orchestra class and they will receive Noodles and Company. She said her students are excited for the celebration and like whenever they get the chance to participate in school events.

“We try (to participate in school events). We have the benefit of running the coffee shop, which helps us so it is a benefit, like for the sock drive it was cool because we could use the money that we donate to go towards drives or fundraisers at the school. It also allowed them to go on Amazon and go online shopping,” Tvrdik said.

Tvrdik said her class donated about 170 pairs of socks, thanks to all the hard work of her students.

“We had kids bring in socks and then we also ordered some. They decided to donate money from the coffee shop and order and bought socks online,” Tvrdik said.

Senior Velez Jose, a student in the Special Education Department, said the whole class had a good time collecting all the socks.

“I think everyone contributed (in the drive),” Jose said. “It was fun, and everybody brought in a sock packet.”