Multicultural show displays diversity

Performers, coordinator reflect on performances

After junior Mario Marin Luna performed at the Multicultural show March 10, he felt satisfied with his performance because of the reaction it received.

“I think (the audience) was not shocked but a little bit amazed because they didn’t know I played (guitar) and (my partner) could sing, so it felt good,” Marin Luna said.

English teacher and show organizer Lindsey Meyer said she aimed to provide a space for students to showcase their identities.

“Sometimes school can get really academically driven but there needs to be a base for creativity, fun and something we can all participate in,” Meyer said. “We started talking about the need to celebrate the positivity in our school and to celebrate the differences all of our students have to offer.”

Marin Luna said although he felt confidence in his performance, he wished to have had more time to perfect it.

“(The performance went) better than I expected. I guess we weren’t feeling as nervous as we thought we would be,” Marin Luna said. “(We want) more time because we ran out of time this year and it kind of screwed us up.”

Meyer said she was thrilled with the spectrum of people willing to perform and hopes to include even more in the future.

“I was proud we had a lot of diversity in culture and for any person who feels like their culture isn’t represented, I would love to get them involved and get them to participate somehow,” Meyer said. “The fashion show could be a really good opportunity for many different students to show something (different) about them culturally.”

Freshman Safiya Omar said she enjoyed the show this year and would consider participating in it next year.

“(I would audition) again because it was something fun. It’s like you’re participating in something that is out of your comfort zone,” Omar said.

Meyer said seeing the cultural diversity and enthusiasm from the students was meaningful to her.

“Thinking about all the students we have and where they come from was really powerful for me to think about how everyone has a story and those stories are rarely heard,” Meyer said. “Just seeing everyone so passionate and how excited it made people to get to show something about themselves that isn’t really in school much was powerful for me.”

Meyer said she struggled with direct communication and is looking to find a more effective method next year.

“The hardest part is communication with students for the planning. I think I will change how I communicate with them, so using remind or whatever to be able to communicate with students faster,” Meyer said. “I would just love to see (the show) grow and see many different cultures represented and appreciated in their own way.”