Euro trip fosters unique perspectives

Students explore, study, and bond

Evelyn Nelson

As sophomore Anna Jennisen visited historical sites across Europe, she said her experiences enriched her understanding of the material she’s learning in her AP European History class.

“(The trip) puts things into context,” Jennisen said. “When I saw the buildings or churches, I could really pinpoint what it was and remember what we had learned in class.”

This past spring break,

AP European History teacher Jeff Cohen said he took a group of students on a trip across Europe, visiting historical sites and exploring cities.

“The trips are usually really good. The students were so great, well behaved and curious,” Cohen said.

Junior Haley Erickson said she had a positive experience while visiting the cities and enjoyed learning new things.

“The history becomes a lot more engaging and real when you get to see it in person. I think you can learn a lot more and really remember it,” Erickson said.

According to Cohen, school trips give students more opportunities to engage in the curriculum and also experience educational concepts in real life.

“I can sit and talk about the Sistine capital and talk about how it’s a Renaissance masterpiece, but it’s not the same as standing there and actually seeing it, it’s a whole different experience. (Students) will get to live small parts of the content that I teach,” Cohen said.

Jennissen said the trip allowed her put what she learned in class into context as well as connect with new people.

“The trip is open to anyone who is interested. I bonded with a lot of new people that I had never met before, it was cool that we got the chance to do that,” Jennissen said.

Cohen said he believes the program should be encouraged to others who aren’t in AP European History and may not know about the trips.

“I do believe it isn’t being reached out, and we certainly could do more to have that. The numbers that I get for students who go on the trip are usually nice and manageable, though I am always happy to have more if more students are interested,” Cohen said.

Erickson said despite not taking the AP European History class, she recommends the trip to future students.

“I never took AP euro, but going on that trip made me wish I did because you’re seeing so many historical sites and you get to experience that in so much depth,” Erickson said.

Cohen said he plans to lead another trip over next year’s spring break, though the location is currently undecided.